About Junk Liberty

Tampa Bay’s Stress Free Junk Removal

Junk Liberty Tampa is a full service junk removal business meaning, you point and we break down if we have to and take it! If it is a whole house or even a single item, you can count on us. We service residential and commercial properties throughout Tampa, Hillsborough and Pasco county.Items like Mattresses, Furniture, Tvs, construction debris, trash, washers and dryers etc are taken daily to help rid customers mentally and physically of these unwanted items.

Tampa is our hometown where it all began.We are proud to provide our junk removal service throughout all of Tampa Bay or more recently used Champa Bay. We will continue to grow our foundation in this wonderful city. If you are located in Tampa Bay and have junk you want removed, leave it to us. We take pride in being the ones you choose to take this task off of your back, literally.

Our Goal

The Junk removal industry is an enormous industry that continues to grow across the United States. Being a billion dollar industry, more modern approaches are being taken to help keep up with the demand. Junk Liberty Tampa is aware of this demand and is focusing its efforts on simplifying the junk removal, recycling and donating process. Starting our junk removal efforts in Tampa, Junk Liberty's top priority is growing our process of filtering recyclable, reusable and donatable items. Junk Liberty Tampa understands the need for this in the industry. When a client calls for junk removal the primary concerns are


  1. How much does junk removal cost?
  1. What items do you take?
  1. How quickly can you do the job?
  1. Do you have insurance?
  1. Do you recycle?


It is not the responsibility of the client to consider how efficiently these items are recycled or reused,given the extra variables and costs it takes to execute properly. That is our concern and mission. When customers come to junk liberty Tampa we want them to feel confident that their junk will be efficiently recycled or disposed of. Having a foot in the industry for years we have a deep understanding of how much more efficient the Junk removal process should be throughout the United States. We also have the knowledge of what it will take to achieve this efficiency and we plan to expand these efforts starting with Tampa.


It will only take a minute to see how we can help you with your junk removal needs, call 1-833-586-5542