Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate my junk removal pricing?

Junk Liberty prices junk removal services by the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck. there are various price points that you could fall under, If you are unsure and would like an accurate quote Please (CALL NOW) for a free on site quote! Click here for price points and do not forget to ask how you can save $45

How can I get a Junk removal quote?

Call 1 833 JUNKLIBERTY or 1 833 586 5542 to schedule a junk removal quote. Your final no obligation quote will be received once we are on site
and assess the removal.

Are there discounts available?

Junk Liberty offers $20 off online bookings. Extra discounts vary throughout the year so do not forget to ask about any active discounts.

Does Junk Liberty service my area?

Junk Liberty currently services all Hillsborough County and a majority of Pasco county also. click (here) for the service areas by city.

How can I pay?

Junk Liberty accepts Cash, Credit, Debit or check as payment methods. payment is due after completion of our services

How big are your Junk Removal Trucks?

Our Junk Liberty junk removal trucks are 10ft long, 8ft wide, and 5ft high. So, one load from our trucks is equivalent
 to six pickup trucks. If you are not sure if your junk will fit in our truck, call for a free no obligation quote on site.

What items do you NOT take?

Junk Liberty does not take hazardous materials or vehicle tires.