Hot Tub Removal

Is your hot tub not used as much, in the way, broken or need to be removed for an upgrade?

If so, calling the right people for your hot tub removal can make a huge difference. The non relaxing process of getting rid of your hot tub on your own is labor intensive and can take a day or two away from you. Once you buy the tools to break up your hot tub, getting rid of the pieces can be a completely different task. Most homeowners do not own a vehicle large enough to haul a hot tub or even half of one. Avoid all the headache in the hot tub removal process by calling professionals like Junk Liberty.

See below all the tools you can avoid purchasing and the work you will not have to do by calling Junk Liberty 1-833-586-5542                                   

Tools and steps involved in removing a hot tub

Tools you may need to complete the hot tub removal

  • Reciprocating saw
  • Saw blade (carbide teeth preferably 12 inches)
  • Drill or Screwdriver
  • Extension cable
  • Gloves
  • Glasses
  • Long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Wheelbarrow (optional)
  • Hammer
  • Large vehicle for disposal

Steps for hot tub removal

  1. Drain Water. Typically near the bottom of your jacuzzi or hot tub there will be a drain, open this and let the water out.
  2. Unplug and remove electrical components. Remove the pump, heater and larger electrical equipment so it does not get in the way throughout the cutting process.
  3. Begin cutting. Do not think too hard on this step, there is no perfect way to do this step, with the right cutting tools all the material in the hot tub or jacuzzi can be broken up. Cut from one side to the middle and remove as much material as possible. As you begin cutting it up you will begin to see hoses and plumbing attached to the fiberglass or plastic. Cut these to separate as you go.
  4. Haul, dump or recycle. Once you have your jacuzzi into pieces, using a wheelbarrow you can take these items to the vehicle that will dispose or recycle these parts. Call your local recycling center or waste facility to verify what items they take.

There is quite a bit of homework involved in removing your hot tub or jacuzzi, if you would like to snap your fingers and have it gone call Junk Liberty at 1-833-586-5542 and we will be glad to help!

Why call Junk Liberty for your hot tub, spa or jacuzzi removal? 

We save you time

Time is your most valuable asset! Don't give your time away to tasks that can be avoided if possible. Removing a hot tub, planning and hauling can consume about 6 hours of your day, especially if you have to go out for the tools and rent a trailer or vehicle. This process can be more time consuming if you are tackling this project for the first time. Alone, once everything is loaded in the proper vehicle you can spend 1-3 hours at your local waste facility. Dismiss the learning curve and take back your day by calling a hot tub, spa and jacuzzi removal expert.

Avoid hard work and injury

The American lifestyle can be very busy. Who wants to work all day and come home to do some more labor intensive work? The hot unforgiving sun beating on your back on your day off is not something people look forward to. Avoid the heavy lifting and the 2 showers a day to remove the fiberglass from your skin by calling Junk Liberty to take this labor off of your mind.

Also using a carbide tooth reciprocating saw with fiberglass flying everywhere and carrying heavy material puts you at risk for injury. Most of us can not afford the missed work due to injury, why risk it if Junk Liberty can offer you a risk free and affordable price to get your hot tub out of there.

Don't concern yourself with hauling the materials away

The jacuzzi, hot tub or spa break down is one thing, then you have to figure out where to dispose of it. This is a concern that is not on your mind when you hire a professional junk removal company to complete the job. A large vehicle or trailer capable of holding the weight and transporting the broken up hot tub is part of it, then loading and unloading at your waste facility are also not exciting tasks. And where do you go to dispose or recycle these parts? Below are steps you do not need to concern yourself with in the hauling process.

Here is what you avoid

  • Searching and renting the proper vehicle or trailer for disposal
  • Can you drive this vehicle or can your vehicle tow the trailer
  • Researching waste facilities or recycling centers near you and prices
  • If you have a dump trailer or truck you will need a hard hat and vest
  • Loading and unloading the vehicle
  • Returning truck or trailer

Call Junk Liberty for any hot tub, spa or jacuzzi removal needs