Commercial Junk Removal

No matter what type of business you run or are a part of, the accumulation of junk is inevitable.

As your business begins to flow and grow it can be more damaging for the business to consume themselves in removing trash or furniture taking valuable time away from the company. Time is an invaluable asset to any business, so sending two employees or more to load items into a large vehicle and sending them to a waste facility can hurt more than you believe. Whether it be paper, cardboard, furniture, trash or debris you will begin to notice the need of an honest commercial junk removal company that you can depend on for your junk removal needs. This is where Junk Liberty may come into play and take these commercial concerns out of your way in a timely and affordable manner.

But why Junk Liberty?

  • Insured - We are fully insured. This means if our employees get hurt on the job this is not your concern, also if we damage the property it is covered.
  • Can set up weekly, bi weekly or monthly removals - If you do not want to constantly call us we can set it up where we arrive at a certain time and day requested.
  • We are set up to handle commercial jobs - At times commercial junk removal can require heavy equipment that not many other junk removal companies can acquire or operate.
  • Payment plans - For business accounts with consistent removal needs we offer payment plans.

 What commercial junk removal jobs can Junk Liberty Handle?

This is a great question to ask when considering hiring a junk removal company for your commercial removal jobs. Junk Liberty can handle any commercial removal excluding hazardous material. Commercial removals can be identified into two categories, light and heavy. By defining below light and heavy commercial junk removal, it will give you a better understanding of what we are capable of regarding commercial junk removal.

  • Light commercial removal consists of materials that can be loaded by hand wheelbarrow or dolly. These items can contain large volumes of trash or furniture.
  • Heavy commercial removals typically require heavy machinery like a skid steer, excavator or tractor. Large construction debri piles, dirt or concrete may require the use of heavy machinery.

 Types of Commercial Junk Removal

 Construction Debris Removal

When it comes to a home renovation, demolition or build everyone knows the debris will pile up quickly. This is a job that no one looks forward to, especially if it must be done by hand. This commercial junk removal is best handled by professionals with the experience and knowledge to complete the removal quickly and efficiently. At times attempting to tackle a job like this can cost much more than one expects. Junk Liberty owns the right equipment to get rid of large construction debris with ease. It will feel like you snapped your fingers and the pile is gone, call Junk Liberty and let us make this easy for you.

Office Furniture Removal

Office furniture can be oddly shaped, involves heavy lifting and is no fun muscling through doorways. Whether this furniture is to be donated or trashed it is never a bad idea to hire someone to complete this task. Hiring preferably, a licensed company can help avoid the task and injury entirely. Commercial office furniture removal is typically over three rooms of furniture, which means a lot of lifting. These big jobs require large trailers or dumpsters making it a good fit for a junk removal company.

Commercial Equipment Removal

Do you have heavy equipment that you no longer need or is in the way? We see this issue more often than you may think. We recently helped a commercial landlord whose last tenant had two 972 pound fireproof file cabinets that were left behind. This is a type of commercial equipment removal that most business owners have no recourse but to call a junk removal company. Heavy cabinets, ride on mowers, restaurant equipment, and more are heavy equipment that no one really thinks “how are we going to get rid of this” until it is time.