Fence Removal Tampa

Are you planning on getting a new fence?

Is your fence old and rotting and becoming a hazard? Get rid of your old fence quickly and affordably at the point of a finger. Don't spend your day braving the hot and humid florida weather with manual labor when a team like Junk Liberty is awaiting your call to put your fence removal needs behind you. keep in mind removing the fence is just half of the job, A vehicle that can dispose of this fence is needed along with the time to transport it. We know very well how good of a feeling it is to see your old fence be taken away and not have to deal with it any longer. Bring your mind at ease and call Junk Liberty.

Save yourself some money in the process. Junk Liberty charges fence removal based on the amount of space the materials take up in our truck. We do not charge for the labor. With this in mind if you plan on hiring a company to install a fence the price will be much lower and the holes where the old posts were will be ready for install, making the job of the installer much easier and affordable. From Tampa to Wesley chapel we have been making fence removal much easier and affordable through our full service fence removal.

If you would like to know an accurate estimate of what your fence removal will cost using Junk Liberty, Simply give us a call and we will conveniently arrive at no cost for your estimate. Call 1-833-586-5542