Carpet Removal and Disploal

Do not let Carpet removal take up your day

Consisting of dusty environments, heavy lifting and time consumption, it is not something many look forward to. And do not forget once it is removed all this heavy carpet must be disposed of typically using a large vehicle. Honestly we recommend you save yourselves all the hassle and call Junk Liberty Junk Removal service located in Tampa, Wesley Chapel and surrounding areas.

 Our Carpet removal service comes with a free no obligation estimate and most of the time we can take it the same day! We have done carpet removals for real estate agents homeowners and apartments all throughout Tampa and Pasco County. Make this step easy for yourself and get rid of your carpet quickly and affordably. Below are some reasons why we make carpet removal in Tampa and abroad simple for you.

Carpet removal and disposal made simple

  1.  Booking is easy. You can give us a call and we will arrive within 2 hours for a free estimate making pricing your carpet removal simple and fast.
  2.  We take all the hard work off of your hands. Since we have been removing carpet in Tampa for some time we understand how labor intense these projects can be. Heavy carpet, heat and dust do not mix well and renting a vehicle to dispose of the carpet after the removal is a task in itself.
  3. Not only do we save you money and labor, most importantly we save you time. Time is invaluable, and we understand this. That is why the carpet removal and booking your free estimate is quick and easy. Do not spend your day doing carpet removal, we can get  it out of your sight in a fraction of the time.

Call 833-586-5542 to have a carpet removal expert on their way within 2 hours.